Coaching & Umpiring

Coaching Accreditation Scheme

The Polocrosse Association of Australia has developed in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission a National Coaching Accreditation Scheme designed to encourage and guide coaching activity in Polocrosse.

The scheme is designed to assist the Australian and State Associations in the proper organisation and presentation of accredited courses for coaches.

PA Coach Accreditation Framework

The National Coaching Scheme provides three level of coaching accreditation as follows:


Level 1 – This is an introduction to the principles of coaching and provides basic training in the skills required for coaches of beginner or novice participants and for the conduct of training programs for Club Polocrosse players.

Level 1 Coaching Syllabus 

Level 2 – This is the next level where coaches have moved from the beginner level and wish to improve their skills and knowledge to improve player performance.

Level 2 Coaching Syllabus

Level 3 –  This is the highest level of coaching that Polocrosse delivers.  The course involves the advanced theory, advanced instructional management and practice of coaching Polocrosse.

Level 3 Coaching Syllabus